Supporting what Matters Most
to the Catholic Church in Vermont

mission and purpose

The mission of the new Vermont Catholic Community Foundation is to support and serve apostolic activities of the Church and make grants to nonprofit organizations in the statewide Diocese of Burlington that reflect the compassion of Christ in service to the community.

Our Purpose

"Our purpose is to provide pathways for caring people to leave a legacy that will shape the future of our Catholic Church," said Ellen Kane, executive director of the Vermont Catholic Community Foundation. "Whether donors wish to support their own parish, a specific ministry or Catholic education, the Foundation is the mechanism that will bring the Catholic community together to build the foundation for generations to come."

Ellen Kane


  • Investments that meet the Catholic ethical standards required by USCCB Guidelines;
  • Competitive fee structure;
  • Potential for greater rate of return with pooling of funds;
  • Removes administrative burden and costs to manage and report on investments;
  • Provides a planned giving and major donor stewardship program to support growth of restricted and unrestricted gifts.

The foundation will allow the Catholic community a choice to support what they value most and to shape the future of the Catholic Church in Vermont.

The foundation is a stand alone nonprofit corporation that is separate and distinct from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. It will support Catholic and other social service programs across the state that align with the mission of social justice teachings of the Church. The foundation is a nonprofit as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Bishop Christopher Coyne

Leadership Support

"I want to encourage parishes, organizations and the people of the Diocese to be generous to the Foundation by establishing endowments that will serve the Church here in Vermont now and the future. May God bless all that we do and say in his name."

The Most Reverend Christopher J. Coyne

Why there is a need

There are limited resources available in Vermont to support Catholic activities and education; many of the existing foundations in the state will not make grants for religious purposes or to religious organizations. Often parishes and schools compete with one another for support from the same few donors. The foundation fills a gap by providing professional, faith-based investment services to Catholics who wish to further the mission of the Church.

Developing a Catholic foundation that meets the needs of the community and furthers the mission of the Church is not a new idea. There are 181 Catholic dioceses in the United States and 143 Catholic foundations -- many of which formed in the early 1980s. Eight-five percent of these dioceses (122) use a foundation separate from the diocese.

There are numerous state and federal regulations in order to become a community foundation that require accountability to the donor and the community, including an annual meeting, report and audit.

Foundations act as both a fundraising resource and investment management vehicle. Just like colleges and universities, dioceses have recognized the importance of building endowment funds for stability and future mission of the Church as well as provide accountability to the community. In addition, our investment policies reflect our faith. All investments meet the Catholic ethical standards required by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops guidelines.

Types of Funds

A donor or organization may choose to open a restricted fund, designated to a specific parish, school or region, and the money will be distributed annually based on the designation. In the case of an unrestricted fund like the Catholic Schools Fund, schools seeking funds will apply for a grant based on the purpose and criteria set forth in the fund agreement. 

The foundation’s Board of Directors will make grants based on the fund purpose and criteria.

Most funds can be established for a minimum of $10,000. Once a fund is established, gifts of any size can be added.

Endowment Fund
A fund that helps protect and grow medium to long-term assets while receiving relatively even annual distributions. Endowments are designed to serve the beneficiaries in perpetuity and are often established with a charitable gift or from an estate designated to support a specific parish, school, ministry or charitable purpose.

Reserve Fund
Similar to an endowment fund, a reserve fund is established with the intent to protect and grow the assets while maintaining even annual distributions, but allows the beneficiary access the principal in emergency situations.

Perpetual Care Fund
Funds held, managed, and invested for a designated cemetery in accordance with state and federal law, including, but not limited to, the restrictions imposed on the use of the income and principal of perpetual care funds under 18 V.S.A. Chapter 121: § 5306.

Donor Advised Fund
For a minimum of $25,000, a donor can make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax benefit and then be involved in recommending grants from the fund over time.

Legacy Gift
A parishioner can make a bequest in their will to a specific fund or establish a fund and leave a legacy of faith for generations to come.


Assets to Donate
Stocks & Bonds
Mutual Fund Shares
Retirement Account Funds
Retirement Accounts RMDs
Savings Account
Land/Real Estate
Life Insurance

Protect Wealth

Charitable Gift Annuity
Charitable Remainder Trust
Charitable Lead Trust
Charitable Life Estate
Investment Account Beneficiary
Retirement Account Beneficiary



Peter A. Nolin and Bertha A. Mooney Fund

Education of young men to the Catholic priesthood from the Diocese of Burlington

Joseph C. and Marie L. Turk Fund

Papal See support and Roman Catholic schools and charities of the City of Burlington

St. Anthony for Life Fund

To provide funding for the education, counsel and financial assistance for women in Vermont in order to protect the unborn and support and celebrate the gift of new life.

Edwin T. and Helen Buckley Priest Benefit Fund

To support the Priest's Benefit Fund

Edwin T. and Helen Buckley for RCDOB

To support works of charity, the care of the poor and in support of vocations


Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cemeteries Fund

To provide income for the charitable activities of the Catholic cemeteries in Bloomfield and Canaan (Wallace Pond) Vermont associated with maintenance, beautification and any restoration of monuments, headstones and grave markers of historical or architectural significance to the community.

St. Peter Cemetery Fund

To provide income for the charitable activities of the St. Peter Cemetery associated with maintenance, beautification and any restoration of monuments, headstones and grave markers of historical or architectural significance to the community

St. Peter Parish Fund

To provide funding for youth ministry, evangelization and other types of Catholic education and outreach

Christ the King – St. Anthony Parish Fund

To provide funding for operations of Christ the King and St. Anthony parishes

Bishop Kenneth Angell Student Assistance Fund

To provide financial assistance to eligible students at Christ the King School.

St. Anthony-St. George Fund

A reserve fund to provide funds for parish operations

Dr. Thomas G. Howrigan Fund

A reserve fund to support operations of St. Patrick Church.


Catholic Schools Fund

To provide tuition assistance and other financial support for Catholic Schools in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington as determined by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Christ the King School Fund (Burlington)

To provide funding for operations of Christ the King School

St. Michael Catholic Grammar School of Brattleboro Fund

To provide funding for operations

Rice Memorial High School in Honor of Sisters of Mercy

To provide funding for operations of Rice Memorial High School.

Rice Memorial High School Angell Tuition Assistance Fund

To provide funding for financial assistancce to eligible RMHS students.

RMHS Manfred K. Hummell Award

To award a cash price given in Manfred K. Hummel's name to a current junior at RMHS who demonstrates excellence in writing.

RMHS Msgr. Wendell Searles Scholarship

To Grant financial aid scholarships to students attending Rice Memorial HS.


Pizzagalli Fund

To be used for such religious and charitable purposes within the State of Vermont as shall be determined by the Foundation from time to time.


Resurrection Park Cemetery

To provide perpetual care and maintenance of Resurrection Park Cemetery.

Mount Calvary Cemetery

To provide perpetual care and maintenance of Mount Calvary Cemetery.


Gokey Fund for Catholic Healthcare

Catholic health care to persons in need of such assistance within the Diocese of Burlington

Michaud Memorial Manor

To provide funding for operations and other needs of Michaud Memorial Manor Fund



  • Bishop Christopher J. Coyne
  • Rev Monsignor John McDermott
  • Ellen Kane
  • Elizabeth Fitzgerald
  • Richard Cote
  • Jon Pizzagalli
  • David Mount
  • Bethany Dubuque
  • Cynthia Gubb
  • Paul Hennessy


Contact Vermont Catholic Community Foundation:

Mrs. Ellen Kane
Executive Director
55 Joy Drive; South Burlington, VT 05403
(802) 846 - 5837

Dawn Kellogg
Asst. Director
55 Joy Drive; South Burlington, VT 05403
(802) 448 - 3511